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Financial Advisors: What to Look for & When it Pays to Have One

| June 05, 2017
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Personal financial planning can get complicated real fast, especially when you throw in situations such as getting an inheritance or saving for retirement. Working with a professional and licensed financial advisor is an effective way to make sense of it all if you don’t know where to start. Since 1958, Weaver Insurance & Financial Advisors in Waynesboro, VA has earned a stellar reputation for providing its clients with customized and realistic plans designed to meet and exceed their short and long-term financial goals.

How do you know if you actually need a financial advisor? There are several key situations that would greatly benefit from having a partnership with one. Here are just a few of them:

  • Impartial Advice: Emotions can be the driving points for many decisions involving money. A licensed and experienced financial advisor specializes in providing impartial advice on a litany of situations. Should you spend a large tax refund or invest it? Or, if you plan to care for elderly parents, should you take out long-term care insurance? A financial advisor will provide detailed information on the costs, benefits and risks – minus the bias.  
  • Long-Term Planning: Whether you’re trying to build a nest egg for retirement or looking for the best ways to save for your child’s college education, a financial advisor is ideal for identifying solutions that are accommodating to your income, tax status and how much you want to save. They can also suggest adjustments should your financial situation change such as earning a higher salary or going through a divorce.
  • Choosing Investments: You want to invest but which stocks, bonds and mutual funds should you choose? Your trusted financial advisor can help you decide base on your age and level of risk tolerance. Along the way, your investment advisor will monitor your selections and know when to buy or sell to keep you on track with your financial goals.

Besides knowing when you should hire a financial advisor, knowing what qualities to look for is just as important. In addition to working with one who is licensed and certified, seek out a professional who is genuinely interested in your financial situation and not just trying to sell products. They should have extensive expertise in a number of advisory areas, including stock markets. Accessibility by phone, email or in-person is also essential. Talk to current clients to find out what they like about their financial advisor.

Weaver Insurance & Financial Advisors is your trusted source for comprehensive financial planning. To get started on your meeting your goals, call (540) 943-1221 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Visit the website for information on a wide range of retirement planning and insurance options.

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